Sunday, October 9, 2011

Too Cool To Miss: Reverend Know it All and Gasp! Dressing Up For Mass


So I've been fattened and fed with a lovely assortment of Canadian thanksgiving turkey and treats, and I'm happy my favourite USA football team @ Notre Dame defeated Air Force in a landslide 55 - 39.

Now for all of you, a quick post before bed. I was just reading my favourite blogs and what do I find at Reverend Know it All's? A new post on his series about "getting real about the Mass Yo." This post really caught my attention, because it speaks of a common malady in today's modern Catholic Church: not dressing appropriately for Mass.

Youth should especially read this post as this malady is seen heavily in my generation and the next ones after (Generations X, Y, and the Millenials). Even at the biggest events such as Baptisms, Confirmations, and Marriages, there are guests who will dress a little scantily, or even more casually than they are supposed to. Not always, but in a few instances I've witnessed this at baptisms which are now done during Mass at my parish (and this is occuring in the Baptismal party, nevermind the rest of the congregation).

I will admit I was also inflicted by the disease once I hit my university years (and wasn't going to Mass with my family) and when no one tells you why you should dress up for Mass, it really becomes challenging to desire to do so out of respect for our Lord. It also does not help when your parent(s) force you to dress without a solid explanation, as this will confuse you into thinking it is "cause I said so" and lead to resentment. For a great explanation on why to dress reverently for the Lord each Sunday, you can catch the good Reverend's post HERE. Go read it, because the whole post is just too good to pick apart and post here. It would take out all the fun. Really. 5 minutes is all you pretty much need.

After reading that cool post above, my 2 Cents on the matter:
- T-shirts (especially tight ones), shorts, jeans, tank tops, and leggings should be saved for non-uniform schools, the pubs, and casual outings. If you skipped the Reverend's posting and read that last sentence first, look above this and read it.
- Fine I know for a start, many of you won't want to go the full nine yards with a 3-piece suit for men or knee-length skirt + blouse + something to cover the legs (post Thanksgiving) + appropriate heels/shoes for women. Or maybe that's just Xmas and Easter for you, for now. It's probably best, like any behaviour, to start slow and work your way up. Ananlogy: You don't just go from inactivity to running a 5K marathon instantly right? You need to train up so your body doesn't die on you and you earn yourself a trip to the emergency ward of a hospital.
- So what to wear to start on the track to modesty for Mass? Guys, some khaki pants and a golf shirt/Polo can be bought cheap from somewhere like Old Navy in their school uniform section, and that store isn't too pricey. Surely that's not too hard.
- Ladies you could do the exact same but trade the golf shirt/polo for something feminine and classy, or the pants for nice knee length skirts if you are daring. Want an example? I'll take an example from a young acquaintance of my parish from today: white non-"long sleeve T" shirt with long sleeves (not skin tight), Black slacks (feminine styling, but not skin tight), pair of black ballet flats (like the little black dress for shoes right?). Modern, modest, and respectful.

And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. YCRCM.

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