Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quickpost: One of Fr. Z.'s best rants ever, and rightfully deserved.

Hi All.

Just haven't had the motivation or drive to do bigger posts on this blog for a while now. Might re-visit one I started on a week off I had, but not sure if I will.

In the meantime, Fr. Z lays this nugget in this post about the stupid post-Vatican II changes to Holy Days of Obligation. Post is here:

"Paul VI blew it when he changed the obligations for doing penance and abstaining on Fridays.    Sorry, that was a bad move.  Does anyone do penance now? FAIL. Our bishops blew it big time by intermittently repressing Holy Days of Obligation.   Now people don’t go to Mass when the obligation is not repressed.  They got the message: going to Mass isn’t very important after all.  FAIL.  Shortening the Eucharistic Fast to an hour before Communion? Another brilliant outcome, do you think?  Do people now pay attention to fasting at all?  Do they have a sense of participation in the Eucharist as involving sacrifice?  We creatures of body and soul need preparation that is both physical and spiritual, fasting and being in the state of grace. Is there any concept of mortification as salutary among the people of God?  Do lots of people really give deep consideration to what they do when receiving Communion?
Cf. 1 Corinthians 11:27. FAIL."
GO FR. Z! Nuff Said
Also, the commenter in the beginning of the post recommends an attendance sheet or stamp card for attendance. I've seen on the net/blogosphere this as a suggestion for the odd Confirmation/1st communion program. Personally, I'm all for it. However the card must be stamped, with two different stamps/colors, one for the beginning of the Mass up to 5 minutes before the Liturgy, and then another one post liturgy. Yes it won't prevent people who falsify emergencies or "bathroom" visits, but it would get people to stick around. As for who would do it? get more people to become ushers. 
While were at it, I think also that the Church could really help their money problems AND help ensure people do their obligations by doing what many Jewish synagogues do: Charge people for tickets on the high holidays. You don't have a regular membership/obligation? You pay for being a C & E Catholic. 
Now I don't know if one gets their high holiday tickets paid for if you are a regular Saturday-going member of a synagogue, but for the Catholic church I'd throw in the High holiday tickets for free with regular attendance (measured by an at least once a month to weekly donation in the envelopes, or a stamp card if you don't like to donate.). Also the front-most rows should be stauchened or blocked off, and only those with the front row tickets (a.k.a. regular attendees and/or regular weekly donations) allowed to have those seats with an Usher on each side to watch. Any disruptions, police get called or security to haul your all out.  Everyone else is first come first serve with tickets, but tickets must be bought regardless whether you get a seat or not. One final note, if all this enforcement were to take place, any people involved should receive some form of compensation for the sake of people who are just piss-pots. 
Sigh, no one will have the guts to do this though.
Pax, YCRCM. 


  1. Hello YCRCM,

    This is an interesting post, it sounds like you are a bit frustrated with a few things:). I understand Fr. Z's point for sure, so many people don't do certain things now that these things are not obligatory and, thus, these people are not realizing the importance of the life of the Church and our Catholic traditions/life. I will say, however, it is sometimes nice to have the Eucharistic fast only 1 hour so that it is possible to attend evening Mass. I do wish, however, that they would reinstate the Holy Days of Obligation... we only have three in Canada... Sundays, New Years and Christmas... It is very saddening!

    Regarding the 'attendance sheet' I have also seen it done for Mass for First Communicants. There is a parish in our area that does it, so that they know that the children are able to receive the sacraments. I am not sure for Mass, however, because I think that it might be (as you mentioned) a bit disruptive. I guess it also gives the idea... tickets... of it being something that you earn/buy and really you can't. The Mass is a privilege and a blessing!!! Those are just my thoughts.

    Well, God bless and I hope that you are well.

    P.S. I am enclosing a link in relation to a previous post/comments that you made [Quickpost: Women Can Change and Become the Espresso of Life Instead of the Bitter Rinds]. God bless:

  2. Hello YCRCM,

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