Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quickpost: Credit to Tina in Ashburn at Fr. Z. for explaining the SSPX and Sunday Obligation in Layman's Terms

Speaking of the SSPX and Richard Williamson .....

Fr. Z has picked up on this and now people are commenting on the post. One posting in particular here:

comes from a Tina in Ashburn. And wow! It's probably the clearest, layman's explanation of the whole "I go to SSPX chapels and Churches because there is a DIRE EMERGENCY in the Church" situation. Here it is:

"as an aside: “one may fulfill their Sunday obligation in one of their chapels”
This understanding must be taken in context of the whole law. In emergency situations, yes, we can fulfill Holy Day obligations, and receive certain Sacraments, at the point of death for instance. For instance, if I’m in Russia and have no other access to Mass, I can receive Communion from an Orthodox.
Unfortunately, repeating this behavior, attendance, belonging to the group, day in and day out, does not constitute an emergency. Continually behaving this way creates the schismatic mindset – that is the danger. [Yes I recognize that many are in a terrible location where the worst of Church practices must be endured, but in this case 'emergency' becomes a subjective definition as an excuse to go elsewhere - I do sympathize!! And egad, why don't liberal abuses get more attention and clarification? ]
By taking this ‘emergency’ as an excuse for adhering to the SSPX, how is this behavior not unlike the liberals who insist on lay distribution of Holy Communion because, it seems, every day is an ‘emergency’ and thus allowed. There are many examples of stretching these allowances and creating a rule from an exception."
Wow. You go T.I.A. Awesome. And just as a warning, I'm monitoring replies. See my blog rules back in August 2011. 

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  1. The post by Tina is wonderful, thank you for repeating it. Very true... often people make exceptions the rule and then wonder why there are problems.

    God bless,

    P.S. On a positive note of life my family just attended an incredible concert by Eric Genuis. He is playing at the Pro-life conference in Toronto this weekend and is a blessing to hear.