Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quickpost: A fun thought from Seraphic AKA Dorothy Cummings Mclean of the Catholic Register

Here's a fun little quip I found online from a blog called Charming Disarray, in response to a post called "The Wrong Kind of Modesty" by Seraphic of her blogs (a.k.a. Dorothy Cummings Mclean of the Catholic Register):

" .... Perhaps Trad communities in the USA would profit from knowing that Trads in western Europe have less paranoid standards of female modesty. We are also laissez-faire about mantillas. We also drink hard spirits to a certain extent."

lol! Now that's my kind of TLM/EF/TC female! Where do I find a young spirited lass like that whose not taken already???

Musing and charmed, YCRCM.

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