Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quickpost: Seraphic Strikes Again

Hi Everyone:

Minor business: Well, something big happened in Canada. For the first time in decades, a bishop publicly spoke out against (or more like weakly discussed) a critical social/political issue that would affect faith and morals. I'm just trying to find the video source and I need time to make the big post, which I won't get till tomorrow after night shift.

Major Business: Here's some "awesome sauce" from Dorothy Cummings McClean (a.k.a. Seraphic of Seraphic Singles) on who nice Catholic girls and nice Catholic bachelors should avoid when pursuing dating and a potential marriage

By the way, there is something seriously wrong with chastity education when all we tell girls is to look out for guys who just want sex. We should also be telling girls to look out for guys who just want a security blanket (e.g. seminarians who date), or who just want a friendly smokescreen (e.g. gay guys who date girls), or who are too cheap to pay for a therapist (e.g. cute guys who meet up so they can tell you about other girls) or who are looking for the non-sexual perks of marriage without having to get married first (e.g. guys who "need" help with their laundry/cooking/cleaning). 

And no doubt guys should be warned against NCG who aren't really interested in marriage right now as much as they are in emotional adventures and the rush of falling in love and the thrill of lover's triangles and all that powerful operatic crap girls read about in books.

Just some add-ons though Seraphic: how about NCBs avoid girls who are simply "gold diggers", superficial "hotties" and for Catholic ones devoted to their faith, to avoid lukewarm Catholics who just want the Church for theirs and their children's major milestones, and won't put in the time to truly educate, and show example to, their kids?

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  1. Very good point about both Catholic girls and guys... from you and Seraphic (I checked out her blog post). And it does have to do a bit with your post yesterday, which is why I am commenting. The number of 'Catholic in name', or 'Catholic with a twist to the relationship' young men and women out there is probably large, which is why there are so many young men and women who are still single. It is important to be picky and not settle for anyone, especially those who may be good Catholics but have to many other factors affecting their ability to have a relationship, as several of my girlfriends and I have been discovering. I think Seraphic has nailed many of those factors from the woman's perspective at least, though (for a woman) it is important to hear the man's side too. I guess the point is that you have to Trust God and keep praying and if God has the right spouse for you out there He will send him/her along.
    God bless,

    P.S. Looking forward to your post on the Bishop speaking out.