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Stuff from this week: SSPX Crankypants, A Heretical Parish in Ottawa, and FSSP Priest training for Low Mass

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I've been paying the piper at work for taking a whole weekend off and not being called in before or after a family member's wedding. So my blogging has gone by the wayside. Finally today a day off so I'm just going to post about what's been peeking my interest of my feeds.

1) Vox Cantoris exposes a gay-pride loving, liturgically sacrilegious, hedonistic and evil "catholic" parish in Ottawa called St. Joseph's in Ottawa. The post is here: WARNING!!! Some disturbing content within. If you are uber sensitive to liberal stuff and homosexual movements, you may want to take some hyperactivity-reducing and blood pressure meds because this post will get you angry and wanting to burn the heretics at the stake. They also committed a grave liturgical violation in the past by having a layperson give the homily. GIRM states no body but the deacon or higher reads the Gospel, and/or gives the homily. Somebody please alert the Bishops or better (cause they don't really care in Canada about this as they themselves are weak with heterodoxy) the Vatican. At least they every once in a while Benedict issues personal or institutional bans, like recently they stripped a Peruvian university of the words "Pontifical" and "Catholic" from the title after repeated attempts for them to play nice (see here: Oh, and did I forget to mention they have a liturgical dance team ... REALLY, FOR 20 STINKING YEARS????? "Carndinal Arinze is not amused with your amature theology," and he said "NO liturgical dance". Disgusting. I wonder how many vocations from that parish have arisen? I'd bet 0. 

2) Hey all you extraordinary form people, and priests if you happen to read this too. The FSSP is issuing a cool training session in the USA for clergy who want to serve the Low form of the Mass. If you know someone who might be interested, or are a clergy member yourself interested, please pass this on. The link is  here: Please get more priests to do this. Help restore the liturgy in the Church and give Joe Catholic something not banal to attend on Sundays or any day of the week.

3) Well, it seems the the SSPX are being a bunch of naughty idiots and Benedict will have to launch the Vatican Obliterati Sattelite Cannon in their faces. They just had their annual chapter meeting and while it seems all went well and they issued some statement that is ambiguous and as usual insults the Vatican if you read between the lines, It seems like they are going to pull a repeat of 1988 and get themselves schismatic again. Why? Well some fool (or secret saint if they really are that bad) released a "confidential" document sent by the Secretary of State for them that even said internally they weren't supposed to release this on the internet or blogs. It contains conditions, to the Vatican, where they will accept canonical status only if the top 3 are filled, with the other 3 desired.

Here's the summary of their conditions in French:

The full letter can be found in French here:

Now, using the almighty Google Translator, here's what they are asking for:
"... "Finally, he stated the conditions that the Society of St. Pius X was needed in dealing with authorities Roman:
Preconditions that the fraternity is required and it demands of the Roman authorities before considering a canonical recognition:
 1. Freedom to maintain, transmit and teach sound doctrine of the Magisterium of the Church constant and unchanging Truth of Tradition divine freedom to protect, correct, resume, even publicly, the makers of any errors or innovations of modernism, liberalism , Vatican II and its consequences;
 2. Exclusively use the liturgy of 1962. Keep the sacraments that we currently have (including: orders, confirmation, marriage);
 3. Guarantee of at least one bishop.
 Desirable conditions:
 1. Own ecclesiastical courts of first instance;
 2. Exemption of the houses of the Society of St. Pius X in relation to diocesan bishops;
 3. Pontifical Commission for Tradition in Rome in dependence of the Pope, with majority of members and chair for the Tradition."
OK, there are some big ass problems here. Let's start with the desirables and go to the main course.
On the desirables:
1) No bloody way.  Why the heck do you think you guys can have your own courts within the Church? This would be stupid. Would you persecute other Catholics not with the SSPX with them? The Church, sacramentally and politically, must maintain some semblance of order and it will not give you guys your own courts. Heck your courts (e.g. annulments) and other sacraments outside the Eucharist aren't even valid at all because you aren't under an Ordinary's/Bishops permission and jurisdiction to do so.

2) Fine. I get why you want this because many of them stink of liberalism and heterodoxy and are a smack in the face to Christ. And they sure as hell hate tradition and want to shut you down. However, you will be under someone's purview, be it diocesan, or the Pope himself, who is a bishop BTW. Even under the free-roaming ordinate structure, e.g. Anglican Use, you will still be overseen by a bishop. And hey if I were the Pope, I sure as heck would not want you guys running free and loose anyways. You`d probably cause more internal division in the Church over your `holier than thou` attitudes.

3) Hey I`m all for the pontifical commission in Rome for Tradition, but I wouldn`t want most or all the members of that to be SSPX. It`d better have a combo of a few of them, FSSP, ICKSP, and diocesan priests/bishops/Cardinals favourable to tradition with the Pope as head and final arbiter of decisions.

Now the Main points:
1) Good on everything, save the Vatican II bit. Hey I'm not favourable to it, though I still maintain that V-II was hijacked by liberals who mis-applied the documents and the true spirit of the Council. However, were the Pope to allow their "Vatican II is evil" message and acknowledge it, it could violate the order of the Church. All councils when declared are guided by the Holy Spirit right? so one wasn't? Further, if the Pope were to admit such an error, this could (a) possibly bring on criticism that he is fallible, so how can we trust the Holy Father on anything, even faith and morals? (b) if a. were to occur, this would violate the doctrine of infallibility declared at Vatican I, and (c) we'd have a free for all in the Church b/c "hey if we can chastise Vatican II, we can chastise anything theological in the Church". The Holy Father is not going to allow complete anarchy to happen in the Church just to please a small sect of practising Catholics in the huge worldwide body. Besides, Tradition is taking off without them being around and more TLMs are popping up worldwide gradually, but it's happening. They aren't essential to that cause, though it would quicken things and give another bunch of validly, CANONICAL AND LEGAL options for trad-catholics in cities and towns where the SSPX do have a foothold, and more TLM resources worldwide.

2) No Contest here. It's a simple statement with no strings attached.

3) Well ... alright. Fine I understand they want someone in their court, BUT, This reeks of 1988. It's history repeating itself. If they think they can pull this same crap again and get it the 2nd time around, if it's not a valid bishop of the "regular" Church of Benedict's choosing, they are dreaming way to high.

Honestly everyone, I'm just about to give up on the SSPX. They are now acting just as stubborn and stupid as they were back then under Lefevbre, and there's no way that Benedict, with ALL he has done and given them this time around, even more so than JPII, will easily give them what they want. Worse, now that this is out in the open, they have shot themselves in the foot. They are really now going to have to retract this and accept whatever Benedict gives them, because time is running out, and the Holy Father's patience is wearing thin. He is tired of playing games, and if they are going to continue to be a stubborn little child that won't listen to his parent, he's going to get an ass-spanking that will hurt a long time. Also, we don't know what the next pope will bring. Some people think weird things like we are going to get an anti-pope or a pope unfavourable to tradition (which is likely possible with the pool of cardinals available) and well, that pope also will likely NOT be a child of Vatican II (not born during the time or, or at the council) so will not understand things, or be further infected with the "fruits of the council". Boys or girls, if any of you see this or someone who will live, breathe, and die for these people, gets this, you'd better tell them they should accept. This is their last good offer, and if it's not now, it's likely going to be never.

However what's YCRCM's final take with them? Basically you guys are being prideful pricks, and if you want to be that pig-headed, you can take your pre-Vatican II mindset and societies, seminaries, and schools, and adherents, and leave the Church alone. Go ahead and be schismatic and separate with only 1 sacrament to deal with. I'm going to stay right here, under the Barque of Peter, receiving all 7 Sacraments validly and licitly, and going to Diocesan TLMs that I know are said by VALID AND LICIT priests so I have no doubt that I am receiving valid sacraments and participating in valid masses and my soul will be ok. As for the souls of you and your adherents, may Christ have mercy on them, cause I don't know what will happen to them come their deaths under a soon-to-be schismatic sect of Catholicism. However, if you do get canonical recognition in spite of everything, welcome home, and please save the liturgy with the TLM and give your servers and priests to us  (on loans of course, never permanently) to help us grow more TLMs everywhere and make priests around you actually adhere to the Magisterium and not preach heretical teachings. 

Alright. That's it for me for now. Pax. YCRCM. 

P.S. I will be monitoring the combox and my e-mail. Don't try anything stupid from either side, be you on the St. Joseph's article (Vox broke the story anyways, not me) or the SSPX issue. It'll just go in my trashbin. 


HOLY SHhhhh...... well, just, damn. A convicted, diocesan-lacized priest is in residence there????? Barona at Witness found this gem, courtesy of some witch (pervert priest) hunter, Sylvia. See the post and the links here:

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