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And Now For Something Completely Different ... My 5 pm Vigil Mass at my New Novus Ordo Parish

Hello Everyone.

Well, some SSPX die-hard didn`t like my post and already sent me a comment. Kay, I`ll repeat this again. (1) read my blog rules back in the first post, August 2011. (2) No anonymous posting. You have to at least give me a pseudoname if you even want moderation. (3) I warned you I would delete anything uncharitable from both sides (liberal and conservative, St. Joseph`s loving AND SSPX loving) if it was `stupid`. You want to rant, do it at the very least with some clarity, logic, reasoning, or even essay style with evidence to support your points. That comment was stupid and inflammatory in calling me ``obnoxious``, so I deleted it. This is my last and final warning to everyone who views my last post. You don`t like my house, go stink up someone else`s blog where they share your mind or your views on any/or one or more of: the SSPX, women wearing pants as a "sin", liturgical dance, the new creation theology espoused by sister pantsuit, etc.

And Now For Something Completely Different ........

So I just got back from the 5pm vigil Mass at my new parish in my area. I left my old one (save finishing up summer lectoring commitments) because it was spiritually choking my soul and I do not agree with the liberal, spiritual direction of the pastor and the youth minister. While some of my friends I met there are sticking it out, I can`t in good conscience and without souring my soul and disposition and speaking out. Mass generally was lovely. The pastor says the black and does the red. I received much needed confession prior to Mass to receive the Eucharist happily. And the homily was much needed and relevant (see below ...)

Coming back from Mass there has inspired me to write this post. I`ll get to the meaty part of this first. Here`s the Gospel for today from the NRSV-CE translation, 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Sundays Year B, Novus Ordo Liturgical Calendar:

MARK 6:30-34
`The Apostles returned from their mission. They gathered around Jesus, and told him all that they had done and taught. He said to them, `Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.` For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure to eat. And they went away in the boat to a deserted place by themselves.
Now many saw them going and recognized them, and they hurried there on foot from all the towns and arrived ahead of them. As Jesus went ashore, he saw a great crowd; and he had compassion for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and  he began to teach them many things.`

So, the pastor gave the homily. His greatest strength is his passion and his strong spirituality and devotion to the Catholic Faith. You can tell he really wants the best for us, even if there are other things the parishioners don`t like or perceive about him.  The homily reflected Jesus calling the disciples away for a much needed rest. For one, he reflected briefly about Mass being a spiritual rest in life with the Eucharist (didn`t get the full point cause I had bad luck being behind an off-duty EMHC/EMHE(ucharist) with his wife and noisy toddler). The bulk of his homily centred around how we in our lived today are constantly immersing ourselves in our computers and wireless technology and televisions. We are not giving ourselves a "spiritual" rest as it were, and we are totally ignoring the beautiful work of God found in his creation. [Creation by the way, is one of God's two direct ways of Revelation to us. The first is His Word (including Jesus as the Word made flesh), the other is creation.] So Go! Go out and have a rest! Go take your family to a park and revel in God's creation! Go out for a walk! Get away from immersing yourselves in those 200 e-mails a day!

Also, he commented that it's also plaguing the young. This was so true to say. I was privileged to be in a trial period for their EDGE ministry (decision still pending), and the few weeks I was there, I witnessed this with the young tweens to some degree. The largest degree was seen in the first young woman I was able to know by name. I constantly witnessed her on her blackberry a lot, rather doing that than the icebreaker activities and some other things at times. Don't worry though she came every week to EDGE so it's not like she wasn't wanting to be there. I did ask her if she wanted to participate (thinking maybe she was shy or we should be inclusive), but she wasn't interested. So Father is not making this up or speaking as "that old guy." He's speaking the truth.

Father's point is applicable to all ages that by immersing ourselves constantly in this virtual life with out technologies, we are becoming one unto ourselves, inward, and isolated and alone. It is implied that this is become selfish and self-centred and depriving one's self of being healthy, mentally and spiritually. Sadly, many of our youth are doing this and likely contributing to decreased language and conversation skills, and even behaviour too. I'll also sheepishly admit I do this quite a bit too. I'm more of an introspective person (so says my Myers-Briggs personality test) and I don't make friends easily. I got other things too, but I don't have a wide calendar of social events. So well computer stuff is one way I relieve my work-day stress but also do as my past time. I definitely need to, as well as others, need to take Father's message to heart and make sure that I make my life not totally self-centred via my electronics.

A Nice Little Side Note on Youth and Modesty
Now, we don't get a lot of young people at the 5pm mass, so the ones that do I'm thankful to see at my parish. Today, wow it was interesting! The young adults that came, male or female, were modestly dressed, especially the women!

I did not see one set of those short shorts I've been seeing on women on my way to work, nor tight miniskirts or skirts above the knee or crop tops (Why are they back in fashion? They should have stayed in the 80's-90's!). Not one women had exposed shoulders or a top that was way too tight on the torso, and even respectable shoes (no flip flops!). As for the men, including myself, we were wearing at least decent jeans and a non-inflammatory top, and one guy even was semi-business dressed. (I assume he and his three female companions were at or going to some semi-casual social event before or after Mass). This was a good change to see today at the Mass, giving respect to our Lord in the Mass. Now, I don't know whether it was just coincidence or it's this parish's influence, but to me, it's just another small sign that I am finally in the right parish for me for the Novus Ordo.

Hope you enjoyed my change for today. Pax. YCRCM.

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  1. Hello YCRCM,

    Thank you for your post! I hope that all is well. I have two small comments...
    One... I appreciated your comment on modesty and how it is respectful to Our Lord and all those attending Mass.

    Secondly, the comment that Father made about electronics was very pertinent in our world today (as you said) and has been something I have been noticing particularly as I have been teaching. Many children spend much of their lives in front of a computer or TV (or something similar) and have a very difficult time interacting with others outside their virtual world. The thing that I struggle with (as a person who mainly uses the computer for email and school... though playing spider solitaire can be addictive:)) is that it is hard to really know someone properly through the computer. Thus, when it is replacing just chatting with someone in person or on the phone there is something wrong. I was laughing because I was visiting my cousins and two of them were sitting beside their girl friends and not talking but texting each other... that is kinda sad that they would do that over enjoying each others company. Maybe I am a little old fashioned (no cell phone or facebook)... but, hey, sometimes it takes people like me to get others to talk:).
    God bless,