Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quickpost: Women Can Change and Become the Espresso of Life Instead of the Bitter Rinds

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been posting in a while as I haven't found anything BIG to post about, as well as my life's kinda wearing me down (job stuff, faith struggles, put in the "friend zone permanently by someone I thought was a 'seraphic single' who'd be great to date).

Anyways, I read Seraphic Singles, a blog by Dorothy Cummings McLean of the Catholic Register fame who's written a book for single Catholic women of the same name (also called other titles in the USA and Poland). While her writing is mainly for women and it's consistently solid (with a few personal disappointments opinion-wize as a Nice Catholic Bachelor hoping to shed that status), there are times that she writes a post that really is something to not just her female majority, but also to me as a male reader. Well she did it again. Read this post:

Reading it, it has some lovely and funny quips a la Bridget Jones in there, and it puts a smile on my face to hear she demanded on her first date with her husband, get this, BEER AND MEAT PIE! Now that's a woman! I personally hate it when they just only want to order salads cause they are afraid of gaining even one pound. For one, just enjoy yourself! Don't be a sad sack, especially if I am paying for the meal. 2nd, I prefer a healthy to curvy (and I can even tolerate a few extra pounds) woman and truly most men do regardless of the stupid magazines and er, darker stuff suggests. If only there was a Seraphic a good number of years or younger around me like this, I'd be sold just on the meat pie and pints!

However, the real good content of the post is how Seraphic delves into how women hating men (and well vice versa too if one really reads into the post) is destructive and is not the way to go. Further, she understands the whole feminism thing. Plus, she also shows how she, herself, overcame the androgyny and got herself back to Catholic virtue.

I highly recommend both sexes read this post. For the women, it is a great one to keep coming back to, especially when lesser members of my sex act like total douchebags. As for men, read it to give you hope when you are rejected by women, but also that they are not all corrupted by the societal anti-Catholic, androgynist brainwashing machine of society. Women CAN change and actually enjoy us as "the cappucino of life" as Seraphic always says.



  1. loL! They may not be my first preference, but if you're willing to share at least 1/2 a meat pie or steak with me and you truly win over my heart by loving me, I could reconsider .... fair deal?

    1. Ha ha, I was just teasing, but fair enough. I actually had half a meat pie the other day, come to think of it.

    2. Really .... Hmmm, I'm interested .... ;) lol!

    3. Hmmm...well, I DO live closer to Canada than I used to. *thinks*

  2. Not sure about the meat pie and beer:), but I can really see your main point. Also, it is a good post, thanks for the link! I understand how women and men can get to a point of frustration... when the person that they thought they knew was not who they thought (hope that makes sense). Sorry that things have been hard lately, I will keep you in my prayers... God bless you for having the courage to approach the young woman! I wish more men were like that... otherwise you end up with women like me wondering why the guy showed up and never bothered to say hello.... I hope that God will send you a wonderful 'seraphic single' soon.
    God bless,