Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quickpost: Shocker! Kids hate Political Correctness but so do Adults Too

This was too good to miss.

So browsing my Sympatico homepage with tons of news and links, I was curious and clicked on one that featured a 10 things kids hate and like about school post. It's here for now at:

So I'm going down the List and this is what you hit at hint number 3 or 4 of the hate list:

"Ditch school jargon, kids advise. Nine-year-old Olivia Mater of Guelph, Ont., doesn’t like the “fancy words some teachers use, like ‘nutrition break’ and ‘dismissal routine.’”

HOLY BAJOONGEES BATMAN!!!! There you have it, straight from the horses mouth. And yet nanny state government premiers of provinces think it is fun to screw with education curriculums and terminologies with things like trying to make home-schooling illegal in the Prairies, and Overlord McTyrant and his education dictator Lauren Broten forcing gay stuff in schools against the Catholic faith in Ontario via Bill 13. The Kids don't want it! They hate your bull $@*# terms and want you to do the basics for their education darn it.

Also to think, if this is what kids don't want at grade 4 or 5, let's expand that to the wider and adult world. People generally hate PC terminology, so say for example .... let's take our Roman Catholic INSTITUTIONAL Church. Example: my now OLD parish is inviting the ministers for a ministry weekend. As part of that, the resident parish theologian is having a "morning workshop and reflection" that weekend and will "explore the interior source of authentic ministry in religious experience and will encourage individuals to the open-eyed control of their ongoing ministerial formation."

Now to me what this says is "let's have a kum-bay-ah session and do liberal crap that makes us see our inner chakra" and garbage. B.S! What I just quoted in the last sentence, you might have well just said out loud. Stop hiding this crap in fancy words picked from a thesaurus. If you truly want to form Catholic lay ministers, how about you bring in a priest who actually practices what is taught in the Catechism and by the Magisterium of the Holy Father, and you have that person give a lecture TIED to scripture and the documents of the Magisterium, heck even Vatican II, with maybe a little Verbum Domini for the Lectors, Ecclesia de Eucharista and Ecclesia de Mysterio for the EMHCs thrown in?

This is but one of the many reasons I'm moving on spiritually. Thank God I had the smarts to prevent myself from exposure to things that would harm my spiritual salvation.

MAIN POINT FOR TODAY: Politically/Spiritually "Correct" jargon is hated by the majority of people, ESPECIALLY KIDS!!!!

Nuff Said. Pax, YCRCM.

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  1. Well, most people... especially children... like to understand what they are talking about! And children, thankfully, are pretty honest about that. I think we can learn something from them!
    God bless,