Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quickpost: From the Mouth of a Young Priest, Vatican II was Hijacked

Hello All,

Sorry I've not been around much. Work and life is weighing me down, and they just won't get new employees to replace the vacancies fast enough. That and I'm so beat mentally and physically I'd rather do other things in my spare time to de-stress my mind than write on here.

However, I did find something today that interested me. This young buck in the seminary in Charlottetown, PEI in Canada, writes today about Vatican II (OOOOOH!). He's also enrolled, like myself, in the Canadian Society of Catholic Bloggers run by Dr. Colin Kerr. You'll like what he says. That's right older generation, we're not falling for the Spirit of Vatican II garbage. We see through the lies and we're not going to drink your cool aid.

Read the good summary post here of what the liberals at the Council did:

Now, go spike this priest's stats and give him a thank you and support for doing what is right and necessary. And maybe nudge him to say the 1962 Latin Mass.



  1. Young Canadian PriestAugust 23, 2012 at 5:49 PM

    Thanks for sharing this post. While there are some truths in it, his rant is a significantly oversimplified retelling of someone else's comments. I think the young seminarian needs to do a bit more reading into the Council, its documents, and the aftermath to really get at what happened and why.
    I recommend reading: the documents of Vatican II; Ratzinger's "Theological Highlights of Vatican II" (Ignatius Press); Herbert Vorgrimler's "Commentary on the Documents of Vatican II" (Herder & Herder) [this one will only be in theological libraries].
    Once you've read those you'll have enough knowledge to read the following (which I've not yet read): Lamb & Levering's "Vatican II: Renewal within Tradition" (Oxford) U Press); O'Mailley's "What Happenned at Vatican II" (Belknap Press, Harvard).

    The Council and its docs are awesome. The crazy things that happened afterward were actually present long before it, they just felt more confidence in going public afterward.

    1. Your Welcome. Hey you have a similar type of pseudo-name like mine! Props to you!

      That's a good list of books that you are listing btw. In fact, I did read O'Malley's what happened a year ago. I've been meaning to buy my own copy, it's just slipped my mind with everything else in my life (no thanks to work).

      Let me also add one series of books, a secondary source (though primary source of commentary) on the events that should be in theological libraries though I happened to snag my own set via e-bay and a Christian rare book site: Letters from Vatican City by Xavier Rynne (a.k.a. Father Francis Xavier Murphy), printed by Farrar Strauss and Co.

    2. Sincerely humbled here. Thank you!

      In response to Father above, my blog isn't meant to be any kind of in depth study of issues. It is only meant to be my personal comments on issues I find interesting.