Monday, November 12, 2012

Important Posting. Please Read

Salt and Light is in Crisis. This is by far, the best, most critical, non spiteful, charitable, posting on this whole issue with Fr. Baum in the most recent Witness interview, by liberal priest Fr. Rosica

Please read this and if needed, start the mail and e-mail train to S & L. Please alert their employees of these issues. They should not be happy working for a liberal priest who hosts excommunicated priests parading around as is they aren't excommunicated.



  1. Thank-you for your review. Yes, it is agonizing to criticize a priest. Yet, the Faith must be defended. We all make mistakes - Heaven knows! - I make them every day. But, mistakes must be corrected...

  2. Your welcome Barona. This is true! In fact canon law allows the laity to take action to correct egregious abises of the faith and liturgy. Furthermore I highlighted your review in all this because compared to other postings that are more disparaging in their take on this (even mine can be seen as inflammatory) yours is exactly the model for fraternal correction and how Catholic Men should tackle these issues. You don't need to spin things into a "Vortex" of chaos and blatant raw edge to criticize maturely and validly, something wrong in the Church.