Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quickpost: Pigs are flying in Manitoba in St. Catherine's Diocese .... and Jesuits are Celebrating the EF????

Hello Everyone.

I haven't been active here on YCRCM in a bit, as I've been delving into my Latin Mass stuff and my work as my true identity lately.

While trying to see what tomorrow's EF calendar Sunday is to set my EF 1962 Missal to the appropriate section, I found THIS:

As I was reading this article, I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT JESUITS WERE CELEBRATING THE EF!!!! That's right folks, the Church's favourite liberal order who gave into the "Spirit of Vatican II" for the most part, is starting to return to its roots. Really, I had to do a double take at seeing Jesuits, nevermind a Jesuit parish, become an EF only hub of the St. Catherine's diocese in Manitoba. And wow this priest gets what the appeal is to people and how its grown over time. Really this is a good read considering it was posted at the end of August this year.

The Church may be hitting on hard times institutionally speaking and is becoming more out-casted in the world, but it's starting to really become something once again liturgically, and is starting to overall, return to truly carrying out the mission of the Lord, in spreading the Good News, teaching the hard teachings of eternal salvation, and giving people a REASON and an IDENTITY, to be a Catholic and what it truly means. Enjoy the read.



  1. The Diocese of St Catharines is in ONTARIO :)
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