Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quickpost: Sheen and a musing of waining interest

Hey everyone.

Read this, and go out and fight the liturgical destruction within the institutional Catholic Church. Don't be afraid to get in people's faces:

Now, as for me, YCRCM, I find as of late that I only care to load up Quick-posts and am devoting my time to work and other interests as my real self. I am not sure, but I am thinking of abandoning active duty on this blog and just leaving it up for anyone to read if they choose to see my archived posts. I'll have to ponder it. However, I will let you know if I don't care to blog here anymore. 


1 comment:

  1. Waning interest, heh? See, it's when times get tough that you have to try harder. Ordinary time isn't called ordinary for nothing. Most of life is a tract of tedium. You just have to see it through. Stay focused, especially when it seems dry.