Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Internet Archive this will be. Moving on from YCRCM

Hello to all,

I don't know if any of your are even still reading the posts here from way back on YCRCM. But if anyone still has me in their blogger feeds, it's time to make good on a promise from Xmas.

Seeing as how life has carried me along, and where I am currently devoting my personal and spiritual energies in work, and the Church, I have decided that I shall end my tenure here at YCRCM.

Personally, this is the first time in 3 months I have visited my first online labour of love, mainly to see what's left over, and just to close this chapter in my life.

Initially, I did this blog because I was inspired by a few of the other bloggers out there who were fighting the institutional wrongs in the Catholic Church. I had just reverted to the faith back in November 2009 and was on fire. I was consuming a number of blogs, not all good, but enough that I thought of jumping on the bandwagon with a pseudo-name and taking charge. That I did.

However, as time has progressed, I became involved in more parish activities, and also picked up a part time job that makes me work weekend straights often (Thurs - Sun) with night shifts. Between all of that, and blogging on another blog as my real life identity, I lost interest in this blog. Further, I actually enjoyed blogging as my real self. At least if I was going to be all serious about something, it was coming directly from me, and not out of fear of retribution. Not to mention it forces me to think more about what I write, not that I have done that perfectly all the time.

Some people do know my real Identity as I've contacted them outside of this blog, or told trusted people in real life. While I'd like to tell you about my new blog, I personally do not want to reveal who I am in real life on this forum, unless I get ratted out with some careful super-sleuthing. I'd rather just close the book on this chapter in my online blogging/life, which was more when I was unbridled, and emulating certain online bloggers, who truthfully are not positive influences in the life of the Church.

Therefore my viewers, online acquaintances and the like, I say to you goodbye, farewell, and for the few of you who know my real identity, hop over to my new online blog. Otherwise, for any new viewers or returnees, feel free to skim through the archive of my work, and may the Peace of Christ be with you.

For what is likely the last time. Peace. YCRCM.

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