Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catechesis: Call out for help: What shall I write about?

Hello everyone.

First and foremost, I will now give proper thank you's to all those who have signed up here at YCRCM: Estase, KatyLamb, laura kuschel, and our newest joinee, Irenaeus G. Saintonge. Thank you for joining up on this little humble blog. Clearly this isn't a wasted effort thanks to you guys/gal(s).

Now to business. I did say I was hoping in my last post to produce something. Well I've been having a bit of a struggle. Between having a small case of doldrums and not anything striking from other blogs to comment on, I haven't got a sure lead to my next post. All I know is I want to do a Catechesis post, but I'm not sure what. So everyone, the 4 of you that is, I've decided to ask for your help: What shall YCRCM write about in a Catechesis post, or another type of post?

Don't be shy, it can be the most basic thing one should of learnt in Catholic School like: What is the Trinity? or perhaps something a little more daring like something in moral theology. Just remember I'm no graduate degree theologian, just a young Canadian Roman Catholic male with some books lying around his study. some things from his Roman Catholic private school, and a computer with Internet at his hands, so if you are looking for something like a graduate thesis, I'd recommend you seek out the master Catholic bloggers/apologists.

So, maybe you don't know what to suggest? Here are some general directions:
1) An up and coming Saint or Holy Feast day: e.g. Dec 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
2) Maybe something you came across in the Catechism, the YouCat, an encyclical, or want revealed from those sources, etc.
3) The New Translation of the Mass (I have a couple of resources, but I'm sure your parishes are covering this in some detail)
4) The Latin Mass/TC's and TP's (if you ask nicely ... though if there is something specific, say it)
5) Only if at least two of you ask for it, the 2nd part of the SSPX post. I'd rather do it on consensus, because it will take me good time to do it, and I know it will ruffle some feathers. There are certain things in the realm of "trad-dom" I do not agree with.

By the way, I just got 2 new resources for my personal home library: Jesus Christ, Revelation of the Unknown God by Fr. Robinson, an St. Phillip Oratory priest, and Sun TV Michael Coren's Why Catholics are Right.

So go ahead and spill for me some ideas. and also be patient. It takes time to do good posts with citations.



  1. Well- that's a tough one. How about your take on a current news story from a Catholic point of view? Or how about addressing how a Catholic should conduct themselves with people "in the world?" For example, if you find out your non-Catholic friend is gay do you have to drop them? Do you have to try to talk them out of living that lifestyle? This is a problem that actually has troubled me and I would love to see it addressed. I'll try to think of other things. :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions KatyLamb. That actually sounds like quite a handful. To address all the questions it might actually take 2 posts and a lot of time as many areas need to be covered. I'd have to look at the virtues, a scripture passage or two, issues dealing with homosexuality and love ... nonetheless thanks. If nothing else comes up in a few days, it sounds like I'll take a stab at this.