Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catechesis: Suggestion Taken

Hello Everyone,

So it's been a few days since my last posting, where I was asking for people to help out in providing an idea for a catechesis post. One person, KatyLamb, came forward with a suggestion: How does one go about "conducting themselves with people in the world?" Considering our world has become increasing secular and morally relativist, with many people just living their lives out, and with increasing attacks in democratic nations on the Catholic world from others with alternative lifestyles/dispositions or just pure Catholic hate (like out Christian brothers in Middle Eastern nations), that's a very good question to ask. Hatred is clearly not the answer as "violence begets violence." But what is the answer?

Unless someone else comes up with another idea for catechesis, I'll take this idea forward. It will take good time though as there is much content to cover, even at a brief glance. I'll decide to break it down into two main parts. If this gets really big I might even break up the parts into sub-postings (which will also give you items to chew on.) Also if this drags on into December, I will add on a Catechesis post on the Feast day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary also. So here's my general breakdown of what I want to cover to answer KatyLamb's queries:

Part I: What Scripture, Catechism, the Writings of the Holy Fathers say in general, the virtues.
Part II: Brief overviews as to specific groups: Generally with people, those of other religions, non-believers, alternative lifestyles using Church teachings and other sources from forums and groups that deal with ecumenism or specific non-Catholic groups.

This is briefly my gameplan. If there's something to expand upon then say so. Thanks, YCRCM.

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