Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick Post: A little something to tell your Kids when it comes to "why we go to Mass"

Hello everyone,

Wow 3 followers! This is a little uplifing for me. When I started about a few months ago, getting only one follower was, well, making me wonder if it was worth it. I knew I wasn't a big wig like Mark Shea, The Crescat, The Anchoress (who was one of the lucky 150 bloggers around the world to be invited to the Vatican blogger summit May 1 or 2 of this year,) or other well-noted Catholic Bloggers. Now seeing 3 as of today, that gives me hope. I'll thank you all properly in the next few days hopefully as I can sit down and devote time to write a proper post, with 4 days off from work and no plans (hopefully with no substiution calls to replace a sick/vacationing co-worker).

So for now, just a little quick post to give you something sweet. One of my favourite blogs is What Does the Prayer Really Say, by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf of the U.S.A (who mostly celebrates mass at Holy Innocents in Manhattan, New York in the Extraordinary Form). One of his posts deals with a reader who sent a letter about a nasty reaction from an usher to a mother's kid who was a little too loud with his cars during an EF Mass. The post is here. One of the Comments caught my eye, by AnnAsher, who gave a simple, but beautiful explanation for her young children on why we go to Mass. Here is the comment with the bold part being the most important.

"AnnAsher says:
We ended up two rows in front of an elderly couple whom I usually make sure to sit well behind. They are newer to our TLM and not of the friendly variety I’m used to there. My boys – 4 and 6, 6 year old has autism- wiggle. Not noisy usually – but wiggle. Lie down, sit up, feet in the air, lie under the pew. When the elderly couple of far enough away I dont have to deal with his facial expressions. My sons have made great progress- I can actually attend all of Mass now – well usually. Today, I could simply feel the heat from behind me. So I feel the writers pain. I suppose my advice is to try to find a safe spot to hide out with your little one and his car! We’ve had various items I’ve tried – none of them work for long. Today, when we left I told the 4 year old that Mass is important and that we must not wiggle there, or in restaurants and movie theaters. Mass is important, I said, because we come to say thank you to Jesus for opening Heaven for us. We come to say Thankyou to God for making us, because He loves us so much, He made us. So I say thank you God for making — and I named him and his sibs. He said to me ” I like church now. I love you Mom and I’m glad God made you. I love heaven too – Mary is there”.So take heart- they get It eventually!"

Smile and enjoy. If you do have, or will have kids, keep this in the memory bank and repeat this to them. Share with them the beauty of the Mass, albeit in a simple form for them at those ages. YCRCM.


  1. Make that four. I'm also a young Canadian RC male. I've seen you hanging around on Seraphic's blog, and maybe I've also run into you at wdtprs a time or two.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.