Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello Everyone.

I need anyone who reads this blog and who's on my friend list to please act now.

1) Please read this article from Lifesite News as to the situation: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/young-woman-poised-to-win-leadership-award-with-pledge-to-bring-abortion-to

2) I would like you all to pay attnention to the Tara Brinton Page. I, YCRCM, wrote the following about 1005pm Feb 28, 2012, even though their data clock is 7 hours ahead:
Young Canadian RC Male says: Your pledge is awaiting moderation.

I pledge to support those who are pro-life and anti-euthanasia, such as Tara Brinston, and to be against those who seek to bring the cutlture of Death to further fruition (e.g. abortion, euthanasia, contraception).

I have a feeling, with a great possibility, that they will find this comment offensive and remove it from her pledge list: one for the anonymity, and two the nature of the comment as I am Anti-abortion and Anti Kandace Hagen and what she is trying to do. I encourage everyone to support Tara and her cause and to devote your own pledge to her. She is currently #2 and deserves that $1000 grant.


Update as of 658pm Feb 29, 2012:

My comment is still awaiting moderation under Tara. It has now been given pledge number 1043. Kandace sill leads with 1499 pledges in first place. Tara is Still 2nd place with 1047 pledges (1046 if mine is deleted). Please place your pledge where it counts. YCRCM.

Update as of 339 pm March 1, 2012:

The pledge drive is over. As of 1159 Pm Feb 29th (yesterday), they stopped collecting pledges. Regardless of wherever I click, I cannot find my pledge, nor others are being displayed publically anymore. However, we might have scored a pro-life victory folks. Every vote counted and currently on the ambassador page, Tara at 1615 pledges has a 3 vote lead over Kandace at 1612 pledges. The official results will be tomorrow. Lets hope they don't disqualify my pledge and hope they don't botch the voting. Stay Tuned ...

Update as of 1:34 March 3, 2012

Hey I've just checked my blogger status and this is getting the most hits on my stats counter! Wow. Guess what? Seems the ACIC-CACI organizers have to really look at the pledges for the votes because it's too close to call. This is what's listed at their site:

"Result announcement postponed!
We know – How exciting! Due to the high number of pledges received in the last week of the campaign, it’s taking longer than we expected to finalize our moderation.
We will announce the final result on Monday, March 5th, but in the meantime want to extend our thanks to everyone involved.
It’s been an honour to work with all eight of this year’s global youth leaders, and awesome to see the number and content of the commitments they’ve inspired.
Our intention was to show that small changes by individual people can inspire others and that we can all make the world a better place. We hope you’ll continue to carry out your commitments and thank you for walking with us towards a world with social justice, human dignity, and participation for all.
From the entire team at ACIC."

BTW, the numbers still stand at Tara: 1615 pledges to Kandace's 1612. My pledge will probably get deleted. I found out after I made my pledge on Lifesite News` site that it has to fit with the plan listed beside the leaders` specific pledge pages or in line with their general mission. I`ll probably get my pledge deleted and not counted so truly consider Tara having a 2 pledge lead.

You think they just want their pro-abort hero may win and are delaying to try and have this happen? Or is it just due measure in a too close to call election like in politics? Opinions or further information on the competition can be commented below.

FINAL Update Mar 3, 2012 2:17 pm EST

Well, they finally have tallied the results:

Guess what, it was too close to call so they gave BOTH Kandace and Tara a $1000 grant. While I will say I'm glad Tara won a grant, THE BLOODY FACT THEY GAVE KANDACE ONE ALSO IS A TRAVESTY AND AN MORAL OFFENCE AGAINST GOD! Kandace will now be able to carry out her dream or bringing death to more babies in PEI. How disgusting. Everyone, we have to pray and offer reparation against this outrage (e.g. more Masses, fasting, prayers, First Fridays and Saturdays), and furthermore pray to God for justice, and to the Lord Christ that he may be able to reach the hardened mind and heart of Kandace. Too bad I couldn't have done more. If only a major player like Mark Shea or Fr. Z or someone else picked up on this there would have been a clear winner and this would have been a clear win for Tara. I hate being so insignificant at times.

Post-Final update March 6, 2012


I knew this was rigged from the start and they took out my pledge. See LifesiteNews' post competition take on it. And the commentators have the gall to blame the pro-life organizer saying she "poisoned" the competition? What a bunch of hypocrites and sore losers. They know we won and they deleted the pro-life pledges. Tara is the true winner and GOD KNOWS IT!

That's it, this event is in the history books and I'm done here. On to better things.

One final note, I posted in the Lifesite News article and if anyone comes here commenting against me cause I'm pro life, AUTOMATIC RED FLAG, DELETION, BLOCKING, ETC!!!! Read my forum rules from August 2011.


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