Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quickpost: Wow Cardinal Collins Quotes Humanae Vitae in Interview with Vatican Radio Just after being Red Hatted

Score one for Canada!!!! Anyone think maybe, just maybe, Cardinal Collins will be the next Pope of the Church?

Here's the post by an Ontario group of Catholic bloggers:

Here's the interview from Vatican Radio:

Don't forget to read the important (but sadly controversial and now well-ignored) Encyclical Humanae Vitae here:

BTW, I went to a Solemn Latin Mass at a parish in my city for Ash Wednesday case you were wondering. (Only 1 meal, no meat). YCRCM.


  1. Until the bishops preach on Humanae Vitae there will be no real change in the Church in Canada. When they - in effect - said "we don't want you" to Christ, they shunned His Grace. The result is a huge collapse.

    When they renounce the Winnipeg statement, when they start to really preach ... then, when no longer ashamed of Him, He will bless them.

  2. Hello Barona. Welcome to YCRCMB. I notice that you added me to your blog roll "of interest" on Witness, so thank you. You didn't need to as a small blip on the map of Catholic blogging.

    I'll admit that I had to think wisely about your comment over the past few days. This is not an easy subject in Catholicism and in fact, the formerly Fr. Corapi, who became the blacksheepdog and now myseriously vanished, held exactly the same view and look where he's ended up. You can still find his lecture (or rant) about the Winnipeg Statement online.

    Furthermore, I was looking back at my rules in my first post while I considered your post. I'll say right now that I decided that your post didn't violate my rules, and I will consider this an opinion and allow discussion on this here for now. In addition, I will also add my commentary here on the matter. However, I will be monitoring all replies and posts though, and those rules do apply with every posting. Do treat this as "being in my living room" and as a guest in my house so to speak (or my library if you like my generic background.)

    I partially agree with you, but disagree on some aspects. Where I agree is that generally, catechesis has been shotty and horrible in the general institutional Church over the years since Vatican II. In fact that is one of the reasons why I started this blog and I invite you to read the few catechesis posts I have made to see part of my goals here at YCRCMB.

    The Liberals really took over and also people (clergy and laity) were hoping Paul VI would relax the stance of the Church on such issues. Didn't happen and the bloody people threw a hail filled nutty and went all crazy in their positions of ecclesiastical power and teaching. And you wonder why we have now three uncatechized generations. I agree, the bishops should have more balls so to speak and start being true preachers again, like how all the bishops of the USCCB are unifying against Obama's Contraception Mandate. They see how he wants to violate their rights and they all issues statements in their dioceses either to be read at Mass or on their websites (however, other commenters have implied the bishops are more worried about the loss of money from the government for health services and charities, as well as violation of the 1st amendment, vs moral evil and an affront to Christ). Personally, I think this interview is a good fresh start to our bishops becoming sheperds for the flock in now Cardinal Collins career, and it makes you wonder what he'll do if given the Papal tiara and keys. BTW, do you know he also attends the March for Life in Ottawa every year (notwithstanding critical appointments or illness)?

    Now, where I disagree with you is on the renouncement of the Winnipeg Statement. While the bishops certainly haven't acted as sheperds of the Church and upheld the Catechism's teachings (and HV's for that matter), I cannot just "throw out the baby with the bathwater" on this issue. Before I elaborate specifically on this issue, have you honestly read the whole Winnipeg Statement Barona, including the footnotes in the citations?