Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quick Post: Update April 1, 2012.

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well with you heading into Holy Week. So I see I got a new blogger, Christopher. Well Hello Christopher. Thanks for joining up and I read your blog briefly. Glad to have another supporter of TCs/TPs on here.

So what's new? Well I was incognito for a bit because I had a job interview for something more suited to my skill set. I didn't get the job, but now that freed me up to start getting back to my latest blog project that I mentioned last time. Yeah that one I'm warning you about. I've got more work to do but it has been coming along. I did get one small break to add some more to the final thoughts of the post, thanks to a TC friend and I'm reveiwing some of the documents he sent me on why he has chosen to abandon the Novus Ordo. So my post will be one heck of a nutty, but with some decent final thoughts. Again stay tuned, and since I likely won't post before Easter (save maybe some Catechesis as I did some liturgical calendar work prior to my starting this blog), I wish you all a blessed Holy Week, somber Good Friday and Holy Saturday, and joyous Easter.

Pax Tibi Christi, YCRCM.

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