Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SUPPER DEE DUPER quickpost: Churchy feel good liberals, BEWARE!!!


So I was just checking my rotation of blogs, and this showed up:


This is pretty significant. I certainly thought Fellay and the SSPX were going to be stubborn louts and ruin it. This is a game changer and will certainly strengthen the powers of TCs and TPs everywhere!!!! If things become finalized and canonically valid INCLUDING SACRAMENTALLY all their "sacraments" outside the Mass (quotations to be removed in future), the Church will regain 500+ priests and their army of servers, MCs, and such can aid us who have stayed true and loyal to the Magisterium/Vatican in our cause of the EF/TLM!!!! Once I get the canonical OK from Pater Benedictus XVI, I might explore them .... but I won't go that far in my Traditional Catholicicsm. I've got too much invested currently with the Novus Ordo Church and my regular TC/TP effots.

Anyways, Now that this announcement has been unleashed, I will have to align my Part II post quite a bit. While I am glad for the sake of the EF/TLM that SSPX seems to be on their way to full canonization, I have my concerns about them extra-liturgically (e.g. psychologically/sociologically). That will be where my criticism lies in the Part II post.

Keeping my eyes peeled on this one,


UPDATE Tues Apr 17, 1035pm EST/2235h:

I think I jumped the gun here. Obviously the only acceptable source of Yes or No is the Holy Father Himself. Read here:


Let us all pray Fellay didn't make the response so screwed that B16 rejects SSPX. Let's hope the "modifications" are acceptable. It's up to him to accept or reject B16's offer and unify with the Church, not the other way around.


UPDATE Sun May 6, 2012, 444pm EST/1644h

Those pro-SSPX supporters at Rorate Caeli picked this up from a news source somewhere:


So it sounds like this month, the be all and end all for the Society will occur, and the Papal satellite cannon will either fire it's ultimate schiz-Or beam at the Society, or the abort codes will shut the satellite down on itself and finally, we'll be welcoming 500+ priests and numerous adherents to the Society home. That, and canonical and licit sacraments will finally be offered by them. Keep praying guys, cause this will either bestow a powerful bunch of TC allies to the cause, or will deal a severe blow to the Latin Mass/EF initiatives worldwide and allow liberals in the Church to mock us sympathetic to TC/TPs more.


Update Mon May 21 (Victoria Day in Canada), 2012, 1020 pm EST/2220h

This has been making the Circuit on the blogs as Fellay himself while in Vienna spoke about the negotiations:


I'd like to highlight some points of the text:

".... This structure that is being offered to the Society is in fact entirely appropriate. That is, if it actually takes place, you will feel absolutely no difference between now and afterwards. We will remain as we are, so to speak .... 
 So it seems that the SSPX, according to this statement, is being likely offered an ordinate like the Anglicans under A. Coebitus. I am thinking it is less likely a personal prelature, because the latter would imply that they must be adherent to ordinary bishops of dioceses, and well many of them would say no to the SSPX cause they are liberal heterodox thinking types still from the pre JPII and B16 generations. An ordinate would, like the Angilcans, mean that they are physically separate from the dioceses and can own their own properties, and be directly under the command of B16 himself. The key words are underlined leading me to think as such is more likely. Do not forget, the SSPX hierarchy`s biggest fear is that they`ll end up like the FSSP or other organizations, forced to set up shop in little hidey holes in the country they are in, treated with contempt by the mainstream Catholic society and just another "act" under the big circus tent that is the modern INSTITUTIONAL Catholic Church
".... It could happen that, in the upcoming days, weeks - it is very hard to ascertain this - the Pope will decide directly.... That is the current status."
So it's likely that this month, the Satellite canon will either be launched or the         abort codes on the SSPX will be unleashed by Benedict, metaphorically speaking. 
Some others on the Catholic Blogosphere have noticed a pattern that Benedict tends to do pretty big things on Church solemnities/feast days, so perhaps, maybe Pentecost or the vigil of it, something BIG is going to happen. And would it be appropriate!!! It is often said that it is by the Holy Spirit that conversion to Catholicism happens, so I wouldn't be suprized if the big announcement occurs on Pentecost. 

So in short, all this YCRCM can say, is we must keep our ears peeled, and if Fellay isn't stupid enough to do what his predecessor, +Lefevbre did (yes he was a validly consecrated bishop in the Church, and key name in the Vatican II accounts), we my friends will have reinforcements for the sake of the Latin Mass and many more clergy, servers and the like to revive this spiritual transfusion in the Church. However, I still have doubts, which reminds me to get to work on part II of my big SSPX post .... I might just do that this week with some time off if I don't get emergency work calls or give aways ... sad thing is I'll have to take them as the taxman killed me this year, even with a job and an accoutant.I lost 1.5 - 2 paychecks worth of my hard earned, already taxed doe to Stephen HARPER!!!! (angry tone. sigh).



  1. Hello YCRCM,

    I was checking out your blogspot because I saw your comments regarding the Academy on Dr. Kerr's blog... just a question, how long have you been following the SSPX info? I have good friends who are involved and, thus, have been keeping updated and I am always interested in hearing from others who are. You are right, we must keep them in our prayers.
    God bless, F.P.

    1. F.P.

      Thanks for the view. I've been following the SSPX for a year and a half now, as I've inquired and now as my true identity, I am somewhat involved in the EF community in my area. I do have an SSPX chapel in that area and the thing is my city needs more valid and licit TLMs. Thus I keep abrest of the situation because when Benedict hopefully gives the canonical OK, that will make the TLM much more desirable and give more options for traditional catholics worldwide. I'm not in the "inner circle" nor attend any SSPX valid (but illicit) Mass, but I do scan the blogs and web for updates.

      Just one request. Can you please post as "F.P" and not as "anonymous" as your blogger ID? Technically you are ok on my blog but one of my rules is no anonymous posting. I will let this be posted cause you put F.P. at the end, but in future could you ID yourself in the way I've described? Much appreciated.


    2. Hello YCRCM,

      I know that I am going as "anonymous" again... however... regarding your request, I am not a blogger and probably never will be. So I was not sure how to post without an account, and that was the only way I could think of. I sometimes just read various blogs of friends (eg. Dr. Kerr) to keep updated with a few things in the Catholic world. To be honest, I rarely even read his because I see him around the Academy and talk to him then. I am always interested in stuff on the SSPX, however, since I have had discussions with several people (including a guy in the SSPX in Winnipeg) regarding them. I just thought that it was great that someone keeps up on them on a blog and wanted to say so.
      Thanks and God bless,