Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quickpost: Holding back on my current project

Hello All,

So I've been saying I've been working on a blogpost project the last few occasions. In reality, I started working on this post since I first started my blog last August. I'll reveal it now: I was working on Part II of the SSPX situation. The first post was a brief historical overview for people who weren`t in the know about the subject.

My part II was going to be my reflections and opinions on the matter with both some positives, but also criticism about them via websites of ex supporters with accounts of those who fled the Society and some of their public resources and why I am wary of them from an extra-liturgical (e.g. outside the TLM/EF) reasons. For this purpose, I didn`t want to say directly I was doing it, and I know it would make a lot of sympathizers and supporters very, inordinately angry on the TC blogosphere. Some people are so devoted to them they go on blogs and express their love of the Society, criticizing anyone and anything against them. One blog in particular, Rorate Caeli, tends to have more of these extreme position people in their comboxes vs. other TC blogs. At least the head moderator there, New Catholic, keeps a level head on many posts. I only keep up with that blog for news about the situation and on the TLM`s growth worldwide, especially North America.

Anyways, with the ever possible decision to be reached by the Vatican this month, (with the ultimatum date being said to be tomorrow, April the 15, Divine Mercy Sunday/Low Sunday in the EF) on the status of the Society, via acceptance or rejection of the doctrinal preamble, I have decided to be prudent and somewhat charitable, and I am not going to post my project at this time. Depending on which way the decision goes, it will need to be editied further to reflect that decision, or further developed in the form I have now.

Whatever happens, there is much work to be done with the Society in the Church, and to the Church with the Society. I ask you tonight to pray whatever prayers you can (seems the Rosary keeps poping up with them) and hope, do hope, that pride will be swept away and Fellay will lead the SSPX home to full canonical status. We need them for the sake of the EF/TLM !!!! We need their acceptance and their MCs and servers to help us learn that beautiful Mass of all time and restore the Mass as part of the New Evangelization!!!

But before I go, again a warning. Read my first post in September 2011 on my blog rules before you post, if you must comment as well. I do suggest though not commenting and waiting and seeing what tomorrow brings, or the next few weeks after that if not immediate ...


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