Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Canadian Newly Ordained Young Buck Goes EF For His First Solemn Mass and a Small Speckled Filled Nutty

Hi all.

Wow, this is AWESOME!!!!! This just gives more credence to the overall shift in attitude in terms of the liturgy and our desired true devotion to the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church and the non-watered down practice, catechesis, and witness of the Catholic Faith. We young people aren't interested in folk guitars and kumbaya and rainbow vestments darn it! Our newer priests .... aren't either.

Here's an example of a young diocesan priest who chose to celebrate his first Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite/Tridentine Latin Mass/1962 Mass. This is Father Pablo Santa Maria of the Diocese of Vancouver. And here's the link to pictures and a small description from our TCs/TPs friendly comrades over at New Liturgical Movement:



BTW, those people who came to this priest's first Mass were truly blessed. Why? Because one can gain a plenary (full) indulgence for active participation in the Priest's first Mass after his ordination. In a nutshell with analogy, it's the abolishment of the temporal punishment for one's sins. You can get forgiven and be put back in the state of sanctifying grace post-confession, but think of an indulgence like getting one's charges completely dropped from their criminal record by the courts, instead of that lingering on one's "spiritual" record when they go to heaven.

And guess what? If you know someone who's newly ordained and they are celebrating their first Mass, GO TO IT! You too, whether it be an EF or NO priest, can benefit from it too! That is, providing you participate in this indulgence under the usual qualifying conditions of confession, communion, and praying for the Holy Father (simple: 1x Our Father, 1x Hail Mary, and likely 1x glory be as well) within 8 days of the indulgent action. From the Enchindron of Indulgences (easily found online in PDF or in book form):

43. First Mass of Newly Ordained Priests (Prima Missa neosacerdotum)

A plenary indulgence is granted to a priest on the occasion of the first Mass he celebrates with some solemnity and to the faithful who devoutly assist at the same Mass.


Uh oh .... Fr. Z. rant time ...

The JPII and B16 generations are taking over, and the "Spirit of Vatican II" generations are dying out. It's the "social trend" as it were fellas. My generation is waking up, and if you are unwilling to accept the changes or be "tolerant" as it were, you'll find a lot of unnecessary conflict your way, and worse YOU will be directly responsible for these people's (and your friend's and family's) souls. Worse, when those of your generation die off, will there be lovely St. James on the Little Hill remaining? Likely not, because your liberal heterdoxy and failure to preach the True Gospel of Christ made people walk away from the Church and this will be reflected in your once dwindling, now DEAD, collections of parish income from donations. No bodies, no money, no parish and NO pastorship. Got it memorized?

And hey, before the Catholic, =3 F&G trolls (see Youtube for =3 and RWJ's depiction of the trolls) go crazy with their keyboards at me and calling me an "angry trad," I'm not totally anti-Novus Ordo like some of my confreres fighting it out in spirits of abuse, anger, and hatred in the EF camp. By God I hate it when I hear about Trads chastizing other Trads for not being sticklers in various regards, saying don't go to other EF masses, and shitting on Novus Ordo practices that produce GENUINE articles of the faith. You are entitled to your OPINIONS, but do not "SHIT" on other Catholics.  Same goes for liberal heterodox "c"atholics, lay students and theologians, teachers, priests, and bishops who HATE anything traditionally Catholic and think of it as "archaic" and devoid of Catholic value and joy. For both "traddies" and "Novus Ordo" Catholics, at the very least, tell me why you express X opinion and give me some sources so I can research this what you are saying and can come to a conclusion myself. One guy I know did just that with why he is only EF masses. That's what academics do BTW. They publish in academic journals, list their sources at the end of the document, and peers have the right to perform new experiments to disprove the paper or confirm the prior authors' works, or the peer review process with seek to critically evaluate the work (albeit peer review can be poisoned with bias). BUT DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, publicly say things heterdox to the principles and tenets of the Catholic Faith or hate the Holy Father. You won't get my sympathy there from either camp.

Now, there are good things and movements and such that can be done within the Novus Ordo culture of the institutional Catholic Church today AS LONG AS They are rooted in the Gospels, the tenants and principles of the Catholic Faith which are outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and in a spirit of faith and moral obedience to our Holy Father in Rome, with an acceptable tolerance of that which is associated with Traditional Catholicism. Both sides, for example, have practices associated with Eucharistic Adoration, and the general consensus is that parishes/places with this practice have more faithful practicing Catholics, be they Novus Ordo or EF, and those places THRIVE overall in their communal aspects (and likely as a result, more donations in the parish collections.)

So what am I saying? NO HATING ON EACH OTHER FROM BOTH SIDES!! Else we are nothing but a bunch of Saducees and Pharisees, and Christ chastized them both in the Gospels. And Satan LOVESSSSS internal division in the Church. He`s probably had to change his adult diapers many a time as he`s cracking up so hard over this Trad/N.O. stuff and especially the Vatican Leaks of private letters from the Pope's Butler (unwillingly???? Smells like Sodano is being implicated as a power hungry prelate and is involved ....)



  1. Great post,..just tweeted it and copy pasted it to my FB fan page! Keep them coming!

  2. Hello YCRCM,
    I hope that all is well. Thank you for your previous post qualifying those who post:), much appreciated. I am writing to just say that I really appreciated this post on the blessing of attending a newly ordained priest's first Mass (esp. with two friends newly ordained... I actually just finished writing an article regarding the ordinations for the OLSWA webpage). I think that people often do not realize the blessings/graces that the sacraments impart to those receiving them... but in the case of the Sacrament of Holy Orders we, the lay people, also benefit because the priest's vocation is to be Christ for His Church. The sacraments are God's gift of love for us, and all priests are living out this love, for as the Cure of Ars states, “The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus.” I think that is a profound quote... and gives much to be pondered.
    Your comments regarding the criticism often handed back and forth between those who attend the Novus Ordo and the Latin Mass is also a valid point, and I often worry because sometimes those comments sound like comments made by SPPX and other similar schismatic groups... we have to remember that Christ created his Church as one, and splitting Her is not what we need and it is confusing to other people as well. I love that Mass, and I think that the renewals that Pope Benedict XVI is bringing have been a great blessing. We must stand steadfast and loyal to our Holy Father and the Church.

    God bless,

    1. Great Comment F.P. I just had to also make this remark about the "war" between the two sides and internal division b/c it's also present even in non-SSPX Latin mass efforts. That, of all, makes me angry because the non-SSPX efforts are supposed to be better than those ones with the strict cultural and liturgical sticking.

      There's even stupider rules amongst the SSPX efforts like boys being forced to wear military buzzcuts (especially to serve) and girls wearing pants or lace underwear to be a sin.

      It's times like this I want to tell all of the TLM/EF efforts to just "shut up" because we are at "war" here and we have enough problems from the misinformed/weakly to not at all catechized laity of the Novus Ordo to begin with, and it's even harder to get people from there to EVEN BE OPEN to the TLM/EF or not bash it, and extremely hard to get them to experience a TLM to try if they aren't deeply committed to Catholicism to begin with. We don't need mo' problems, yo.

    2. Well, sometimes people forget what are proper guidelines and what are extremes. When I was on Crossroads, the Pro-life walk across Canada, we gave a talk to the pro-life group of the SSPX (we gave talks to all those who invited us). I was a bit upset since they called me just before we went to inform me that I should be wearing a skirt (which I was intending to wear, I just was not impressed that they would give me that direction). It was interesting....

      So true, the friction, and so unnecessary. So much prayer needed...
      God bless,

    3. Hi Frances. I just found that reflection on the site and it turns out: 1) You were likely referring to the ordinations of two Cisternan sisters to their final vows, and 2) I finally realized you are a woman! I thought Frances was male loL! that`s more likely Francis. Also I found you in the picture with the article. All this time ... now I got a face and a name. Optionally, I would open further communication with you, maybe even reveal my true ID but only to you. We young Solid RC`s gotta stick together right!.

  3. Hello YCRCM,
    Actually, that was an article I wrote last year which I am surprised that you found. I don't think that they have posted the ordination article yet, I just emailed it last week. I don't usually write, but I attended both the ordination and the Cistercian Sisters' profession (it is not called an ordination but either 'vows' or 'profession') so I was asked to give my thoughts.
    Also, yes, I am a woman... no worries, lots of people think that Frances is a guy's name... it is Francis as you mentioned that is the guy form (and actually, I wrote my name accidentally that one time and then posted... I was trying to work on the anonymous thing, oh well). I still have principals at the schools I work at who spell my name wrong:).
    You are right about Catholic's sticking together... which is why the Catholic world is so small:). I love it!!! According to a friend, Catholics who are serious about their faith are only removed by one person... so two Catholics who don't know each other will have at least one mutual friend/acquaintance. According to that stat, which I still somewhat doubt, we probably have a mutual acquaintance. I wonder...

    Well, nice to somewhat meet you.
    God bless,

  4. NOTE TO ALL PEOPLE: I am posting my e-mail for Frances. This e-mail, should you choose to contact me, will be screened and I will delete all spam and get you filtered out of my mail should you Troll.


  5. I found this great blog via SCCB!! And now I realize I know FP's dad via my wife!!!!

  6. Thanks for seeking the peace between EF and OF. As a young Priest, and a good friend of Fr. Pablo –– whose first Mass of Thanksgiving was actually an OF Mass on Pentecost Sunday the week prior to his EF Mass –– I very much share his love of Christ, the Church and the Liturgy.

    However, I don't particularly enjoy the EF, and have no desire or plans to celebrate it. But I'm by no means a progressive/liberal/etc... I'm very much an orthodox traditionalist in terms of Liturgy, theology, ecclesiology, etc., and I give great efforts to preparing well the Mass and celebrating (singing!) it with great devotion, reverence and fidelity. And my parishioners love it!

    But I'm saddened by the liturgical community for being dismissed for not liking the EF. Thanks for bring proactive in calling for mutual respect. You're absolutely right about the errors of division and their source.

    Young Canadian Priest

    On a post scriptum: I think we need to change the use of the phrase "spirit of VCII", because as anyone who's actually read the Vatican documents can plainly see, what is often attributed to the Council and was done under the guise of the Council had in fact very little to do with it and what it sought. I believe, and firmly so, that we are actually the generation who will uncover the real Spirit of VCII, and finally begin to implement its documents in their truth and beauty. It was begun by Pope John Paul II, is being furthered by Pope Benedict XVI, and will continue on after him. This was the whole point with Summorum Pontificum and the 3rd edition of the Missal, but it's only the beginning. The really exciting stuff is yet to come!

    1. YCP,

      Thank you for your reply. Interesting tidbit that his real 1st mass of thanksgiving was the OF, though it sounds like his first ever Mass, the one counting for the indulgence, was the EF.

      Thank you for your balanced view of the two liturgical forms. It gives me hope as a young Male Catholic that will be part of the generation under your spiritual care, knowing that there's good priests who do not share the same ultra-liberalism or ultra-orthodoxy as their predecessors. You are exactly what is needed to revitalize the institutional Catholic Church.

      Also, you have every right currently (unless the Pope forced under some crazy no Edict which won't likely happen) to celebrate one, or both forms of the Latin Rite. And that's fine. The EF won't be for everyone. In fact, I took a course once that talked about leadership styles based on a personality survey, and matching spiritualities/Catholic practices for each combination/score. Not everyone will have my combination nor will I share yours. Further, just as long as you "say the black and do the red" to quote famous internet priest Fr. Zuhlsdorf, that's what matters whether celebrating the liturgy of the OF or the EF.

      You SING IT? Whoa! That's awesome! Most priests won't dare to go there (then again most people are embarrassed of their tones or singing or can't sing for beans.)

      On your post scriptum ... well I use Spirit of VCII more to describe the unorthodox liberalism and abuse of Vatican II's documents to promote erroneous theology, practices, etc. I have though used a term in past posts interchangeably called the "misapplication of Vatican II" and I agree with you exactly, that Vatican II's meaning and such has been misapplied. Would that be the better term to use? We are definitely working on reducing the abuses and errors and bringing out the real meaning of the documents. I wonder though ... what is the real exciting stuff to come ...? Hopefully there's some plan at the level of the average parish or diocese in place. perhaps you can hint at some things maybe? I am interested.

      Again thanks for your reply, YCRCM.