Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quickpost: The Final decision for Fellay, will he bring doom to the SSPX, or will he Aid us in Renewing the Institutional Church and in the Latin Mass Efforts Worldwide?

Well gang, here it is. From the Vatican Insider, news that this IS the final showdown, the final offer, the last effort to reunite the SSPX under our Holy Father, Benedict XVI:

The extra time allotted to the Ultimate Vatican Obliterati Sattelite Cannon is down to 5 ... 4.... 3...... will they launch the abort codes and help the Church they supposedly give allegiance to and acknowledge, or will Fellay be stubborn and full of pride and pull another 1988, possible excommunicating the WHOLE SSPX? I hope not. Please everyone, pray to St. Michael to ward off the Devil's slings and arrows of the Anger, and most importantly Pride of the SSPX so that Fellay can make this most crucial and important of decisions unbiased and in the true purview of the Theological and Cardinal virtues.

St. Michael the Archangel ... ora nobis!!!!!!!!


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  1. May the will of God be done! Some of the SSPX will enter into full communion, some will not.