Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quickpost: Reminder about commenting

Hello All,

Lately, I've been receiving a few comments that I so want to post. However, the people doing so choose to be anonymous. Read my blog rules back in August 2011, but I'll verbally tell you my policy here on commenting.

I do allow Pseudonames (as yours truly is a pseudoname) for your Blogger ID and even pseudonames in the posting. I'll even go as far as to allow your initials in the post with your ID as anonymous, as I do make exception (which I'll make the norm now as of June 5, 2012. Consider this a Motu Proprio LOL! :) )for F.P.

However, I will not, I repeat, will not post comments that are totally anonymous in blogger ID AND/OR in the posting itself. I do this because I cannot tell where your comment is coming from, who you are, or if you are sending it as spam. In one instance, I had a great comment on a post, but because the ID was from a "transgendered dating site" in the Blogger ID, I could not post it, as it potentially could have been spamming or trolling, regardless of the poster's good will and intention. I don't do this to be an ass, I do it to stop trolling and hating, and to maintain some sense of decorum and order here on YCRCM, as I know my postings can be like one of the many "Buckley's medicines" of the Canadian Catholic blogosphere, and I'm sure a prelate and liberal theologian or two if they've stumbled upon this, are either agreeing and keeping quiet, or angry and pissed off at me for doing so and saying explicatives under their breath.

Thank you for patience and your understanding. Pax, YCRCM.


  1. Welcome to blogging! lol!! I always experience this, where your hotmail becomes hatemail,..

  2. Thank you! Although the welcome is a little late, but hey it`s better than a kick in the pants, O great Optimus Prime!

    Luckily so far I don`t have hate mail, likely because I`m not a key player on the Catholic blogosphere, and also due to my stricter blog rules. Still, it`s just I keep getting positive comments, but I`m not going to 100% ignore my own rules. I have some leeway, but I posted this so other people who have been commenting, understand why I cannot release their comments. Thanks for the support, YCRCM.